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Issued: 26/09/2008   
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Why invest in Tasmania

There are many reasons why you should invest in Tasmania. We have the lowest direct labour costs in the nation. We also have the lowest business licensing and planning costs in Australia. Tasmania has the lowest level of industrial disputes of any state in the country. We are also the nation’s second-lowest-taxing state or territory.

With the roll-out of natural gas in the state and availability of hydro electricity, Tasmania has plentiful and cost-competitive energy sources. Private investment is booming and we are experiencing record jobs growth.

Manufacturing, aquaculture, gourmet food and wine, ship building, mining, information and communications technology, tourism, energy, biotechnology, property development and retail represent just some of the opportunities for investors. Business confidence is very high and our exports have increased substantially as demand for Tasmanian products grows.

Tasmania has a booming tourism industry, thanks largely to the purchase of the Melbourne-to-Devonport passenger ships and the best-ever air access into the state. More and more people are flocking to Tasmania because we offer a lifestyle that has almost disappeared from the modern world.

Investment in tourism-related infrastructure has grown substantially as more people discover the state as a holiday destination.

There is now over $600 million worth of tourism-related projects either planned or under construction. Tasmania is a great place to invest and we are ready to discuss your proposal or outline the opportunities we have to offer.




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