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Issued: 26/09/2008   
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In today’s China, there are 23 Provinces, 5 Autonomous Regions, 4 Municipalities, and 2 Special Administrative Regions – a total 34 individual trading zones.

China Trade Centre (“CTC”) is planning to have over 300 individual exhibition booths including 14 major pavilions which are set aside for some of the provinces. Each of the pavilions will specifically promote the products within the designated province. There will also be a limited number of exhibition booths of varying sizes within each pavilion.

All categories of membership are subject to a once-only Joining Fee of $1,000 plus the following rental rates payable only when the CTC building is completed:

Pavilion Licensee

Price on application for Licence for the 14 provinces. Individual exhibition booths within the province start from $5,000 for 1-Year Term + Standard Benefits or $50,000 for 10-Year Term + Special Benefits.

This category is limited to the 14 property investors who will each purchase and own the freehold property and be granted a China Trade Centre Exclusive Licence to represent the nominated province.

As CTC Licensee, the owner has the right to lease the exhibition booths within his pavilion to other companies from the same province at rental rates to be determined by the Licensee.


The Licensee will also receive a share of all sales commission income earned from CTC’s activities relating to the province including business & trade, investments, immigration, education, tourism, and events.

Interested investors please apply to General Secretary ( for price and terms and conditions of Licence for a province area.

Corporate Membership

$10,000 for 1-Year Term + Standard Benefits or $100,000 for 10-Year Term + Special Benefits.

This category is for company enterprises and organisations who are interested in securing a 3 metres x 3 metres (9 m2 in area) exhibition booth promoting bi-lateral trade and business.

Ordinary Membership

$1,000 for 1-Year Term + Standard Benefits.

This category is for the individual businessman who represents small enterprise employing less than ten workers. Exhibition is limited to general advertising and promotional materials, website, general data, and information counter.

To become a member, please complete Application Form.


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