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Educative credit in universities (HECS)

For all Australian citizens, the government provides an interest-free loan called “HECS”, which only needs to be paid once that person is earning above a certain level ($28,000 p.a). Once that person earns above that threshold then the Government begins to deduct a tax or percentile from their income. Therefore Australians do not need to pay for their education until they are earning enough money. Post Graduate courses have a similar finance.

English tests for universities and foundations

The test IELTS is the preferred one for Australian institutions to measure the level of English of international students in Australia, but the TOEFL (more popular in U.S.A.) is also accepted. Many universities offer English courses for foreigners, and also preparation courses called foundations for successful enrolment in universities. If an English course in a university combined with a university course, it may allow for an extended Visa (Combined Visa), covering all the time of study, without the need to pay all in advance.

Requirements study in a university in Australia

The criteria for enrolment in a university vary depending on the institution. But generally besides the officially translated documents, you will need to show:

  • Evidence of English knowledge/level (all institutions will require). 
  • Evidence of study, for example, If high school was not done in Australia need to show similar qualification, recognised by NOOSR (Australian Department for Recognition of Foreign Aptitudes).
  • Have already done at least 1 year in a university. If a person has not done a previous year in a university than an Australia course called Foundation during 6 months up to 1 year will guarantee entry in the university.

Evaluation of university

You can study in any university in your home country (it doesn’t need to be only the ones with formal agreements with the Australian universities) and be able to enroll in an Undergraduate or Graduate Course in Australia. It is possible to get educational recognition from any country but it is necessary to submit the transcripts to the university. The institution will inform you if your qualifications are or are not valid and how much credit you will be able to receive (credit means subjects and not money). For this evaluation the documents have to be officially translated in English and certified copies sent and in general costs A$50, and may take some weeks for a result.

Another way to be admitted

Another way to be admitted in an Australian university (depending on the institution and course), is through an evaluation of the curriculum and letters of recommendation.

  There is a possibility that with an assessment, the institution may consider that you can satisfy the requirements for the course. The evaluation is based on the educational qualifications, life experience and work experience. This option is known as "RPL" ("Recognition of Prior Learning", or recognition of the completed studies). This evaluation is made in the Australian NOOSR (report of National Department of the Recognition of Foreign Aptitudes) and the embassy can supply the contracts.


In general orientation programs are in the beginning of the semester, and are offered for International and Australian students. These programs are very recommended and some are obligatory. Orientation programs include a welcome, acknowledgments on the course and school registration, an introduction to the university life (students services, rules and procedures), timetable etc. Most induction programs include activities and an end of orientation party, and is a good chance to know get to know other students.

Duration of the degree in Australia

A Bachelor degree generally takes three years, and can also be done in only two years in some universities (such as Bond) with fewer days holiday. The majority of the structures offer the opportunity to combine two qualifications. In that you will be able to finish a university with a two qualifications or a "Double Degree" by studying one more year.

For example: Bachelor Degree of IT & Business in 4 years. After finishing an Under Graduate degree you can get then continue on to a Graduate degree either in Master or PhD. The Master and Doctorate are intensive studies and in general include research with supervision.

Vacations in the Australian universities

The vacations vary in accordance with the system of semesters that the university adopts. The school year of the university in general starts in the end of February or start of March with one week of orientation, and finishes in November, with a month break between semesters. The universities with fewer holidays usually have 3 semesters.


Important Note

Consult our Australian Course Guide to know about courses in Sydney, courses in Brisbane, courses in Adelaide, courses in Melbourne, courses in Perth, courses in Tasmania, courses on the Gold Coast and many other cities in Australia.



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