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Issued: 26/09/2008   
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As China moves rapidly forward to become the world’s strongest economy in the 21st century, company executives from China must be flexible in their business approach and adapt quickly to changing environments not only in food, climate, and people but also the way how business is done in the host country.

Enterprises in China will need to learn new management techniques and marketing strategies that allow better market feed-backs to properly monitor fashion trends and product competition, and also how to increase the bottomline profit without increasing production.  

The Chinese Government is now encouraging Chinese enterprises to “go abroad” to grow their business and assistance in this regard is available from The Chinese Enterprises Association in Beijing.

“East must now get to know West”, said the founder Mr. Peter Chen. The objective of China Trade Centre is:  “To provide a commercial platform to promote bi-lateral business, trade, and cultural relations between China and Australia”.

In order to help the Chinese businessmen or intending business migrants looking to settle in Australia, China Trade Centre will provide guidance to its members via a wide range of services that are professional, reliable, and transparent.

  • Assist with the acquisitions of properties and businesses.
  • Prepare financial business plan.
  • Assist with the setting up of company structures.
  • Provide business introductions and trade references.
  • Obtain government approvals and permits.
  • Provide guidance on legal, accounting, and taxation.
  • Provide guidance on marketing and advertising.
  • Provide general assistance on family-related matters.
  • Act as a medium to promote Chinese goodwill.

Mr. Chen has selected Legana Business Park in Tasmania as the initial step for Chinese enterprises to set up a presence in Australia.

Tasmania is an island state and the smallest in the Commonwealth of Australia. Whilst the population is only about 500,000, the island state offers a safe and economical business environment for the Chinese to set up their business and to allow time for the Chinese to learn the Australian way of life and the local business culture.

It should be noted that many Australian businessmen have failed to succeed when they went into China to set up enterprises. This was because the Australian businessmen did not seek proper guidance from experienced overseas Chinese to help them to understand the Chinese way of doing business in China.

Do not make the same mistake!


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