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Issued: 26/09/2008   
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Chinese Enterprises Association, Beijing, China

Brief Introduction

Chinese Enterprises Association is sponsored by prominent Chinese business leaders, Hong Kong business enterprises, Chinese business enterprises and Chinese business technology, investment, product, ideas, management experience, expertise and all kinds of financial resources of mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and international communities around the world.

It is a non-profit and non-political civic society and operates under the direction of State Commerce Ministry and State Development & Reform Commission.

The Mission Statement of the Chinese Enterprises Association is:

  • To promote and upgrade traditional Chinese economic structures.
  • To contribute the integrating and value-adding of finance.
  • To gain more economic support from all levels of Government for the Chinese entrepreneurs on behalf of Chinese common interest.
  • To promote cultural and business communication between Chinese and other nations as well as between members and non members.
  • To promote the diverse culture of Hong Kong, the traditional Chinese culture and the integration of Chinese and Western cultures.
  • To promote the exchange and co-operation of economic, business, investment, technology, culture and education.

Our services are:

  • Provide consultancy for the Chinese regarding employment, investment, product, technology, marketing, finance and government policies, and also the services for corporations law, accounting, Intellectual property, management, training program, business registration, administration and other advisory services.
  • Provide assistance for Chinese enterprises for oversea investment, business visit, promotion, advertising, public relations, set up research base, and capital raising activities.
  • Organise high level forums and lectures for enterprise, business and immigration.

The President, Vice-President and Directors of the Committee are all prominent Chinese business leaders from Hong Kong, mainland China and internationally including the local Community Leaders, Governmental Officials, Bankers, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, Accountants, Scientists, Senior Executives, Research Scholars and Business Consultants - all are appropriate representatives.

The Committee and the other relevant organisations have already established a very strong network amongst the elite global business communities.



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