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Issued: 26/09/2008   
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I am interested in the membership category indicated below:

    Pavilion Licensee for   
    Pavilion Exhibition Booth
1-year term 10-year term
    Corporate Membership
1-year term 10-year term
    Ordinary Membership
1-year term 10-year term

(Details of the booth size, floor plan and rental rates will be sent to you later for your approval. If unacceptable, your $1,000 Joining Fee will be refunded to you in full.)



Membership Joining Fee
Please remit your Joining Fee A$1,000 to China Trade Centre's Bank Account below:
China Trade Centre (Tasmania) Pty Ltd
ANZ Bank
BSB No. 017-542
A/C No. 2584-21371
391 Invermay Road
Mowbray Tasmania 7248

In the event that my application is declined by the Membership
Committee, I understand the above A$1,000 Joining Fee will be refunded
to me in full.


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